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Flying To Dubai – Airport And Travel Guide

There are direct flights to Dubai from most European and Asian cities, however if you are flying from North America or Canada then you will need to fly via Europe or Asia. However, looking on the bright side, this makes the flight cheaper and also gives you the opportunity to explore Europe with typical stop overs in either Paris, Amsterdam or London.

The main airlines for Dubai are Emirates airlines (, Gulf Air ( and Air Arabia flies out of neighbouring Sharjah. if you are looking to keep the costs of airfare to a minimum then a good option is to fly Gulf air via via bahrain, or even Qatar airways via Doha. However bear in mind that connecting flights although usually much cheaper can be inconvenient – you may find yourself hanging around airport lounges for many hours doing that airport “game” of endless waiting followed by endless queueing, is it really woth it to save a few £’s?

it tends to be more expensive flying to Dubai in the June – August period and also over Christmas (in fact from the beginning of Dec right through to end Jan). So try and avoid flying at these times if at all possible – remember prices in the UAE are regulated, there are no bargain bucket shops nor last minute deals so book your flight as early as you possibly can to get best price.

On a side note Emirates airlines to date have a PERFECT safety record, they are not the cheapest airline but they are regarded as having superior service and that safety record is something worth taking into consideration!

Dubai international airport is the busiest airport in the Middle East, almost 25 million passengers in 2005 ( as a comparison Seattle airport handled 29 million passengers in 2005 and is listed in the top 30 busiest airports worldwide). Apparently the government are investing a further $2,5 billion in expansion of the airport due to rapid growth of tourist traffic. We should see Dubai international being listed as one of the worlds busiest airports in 2007.

getting to/from the airport is easy and inexpensive. You can choose from Municipality buses, airport buses, taxi’s or limo’s. Additionally most of the reputable hotels, particularly those on Jumeirah beach, will offer free transfers to and from the airport. Costs for are approx Dh1.50, a taxi will cost around Dh 60 to the Jumeirah beach area. ( The Emirates currecy Dh Dirham is pegged to the Dollar, so 1Dh = $1, simple!).

Other points you should note before planning a trip to Dubai – technically if you have evidence of travel to Israel in your passport you will be denied entry, also you must have at least 6 months validity from your date of arrival. Assuming you meet these requirements a 60 day visa is available on entry from the airport. There is no charge for a standard 60 day visa.

Lastly, as with most foreign travel, a little bit of effort in terms of learning the language can go a long way. Here are some simple everday words you may find helpful – “Marhaba” hello, “al-salaam alaykum” Peace be upon you (typical arab greeting), “shukran” thank you.

Guide to Seoul Hotels and Sights

Seoul, whose official name is Seoul Special City, is the capital city of South Korea. It has a population of a whopping 10 million people, and it has a large selection of Seoul hotels and attractions that are quickly becoming big in the tourism industry of the world. Seoul hotels are some of the most beautiful ones in the world, mixing together modern day architecture with the culture and original architecture of Korea.

If want an experience that mixes both modernity and Korean culture, check out the Imperial Palace Hotel located in the Gangam area, which has a long strip of beautiful and elegant Seoul hotels and is near Goex and the World Trade Centre. Inside, you will find everything you will ever need in a hotel, including 24-hour room service, satellite TV, yoga rooms, well-equipped fitness center, and many different types of cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

But your trip to Seoul should not stop with the amazing facilities in these Seoul hotels. Once you step out, you can choose from over 100 amazing museums that are found all over Seoul. The one that represents all that South Korea is-is the National Museum of Korea. It was established in 1945 and it has a collection of over 150,000 artifacts; so if you want to learn all about South Korea, this is the first place that you should head to after you check into one of the Seoul hotels available.

Because Korea has deep religious roots, there are a lot of religious buildings that have a huge impact on the history of Korea’s culture and politics. You can take a tour of the Wondugan, which is an ancient sacrificial altar where Korean rulers of the past held heavenly rituals. There are also a lot of Confucian shrines all over Seoul, ever since it was implemented as the national ideology in the 14th century.

Aside from the Seoul hotels and religious buildings, the parks are also worth visiting. The most popular park is the Namsan Park, which offers hiking and other recreational activities, as well as a breathtaking view of the Seoul downtown skyline. The metropolitan area of Seoul features six major parks, and the Seoul National Capital Area has a green belt, which is what is keeping the busy urban living apart from the relaxing rural areas that both tourists and locals love to go to in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you’re looking for the perfect photo that can be used as a souvenir and is better than anything you can buy from the gift shops found in the Seoul hotels you may be staying in, you could have your picture taken with a North Korean soldier at the demilitarized zone. An example of a demilitarized zone is the village of Panmunjom, which is a truce village on the border in between North and South Korea. This is surely going to be something original that you can add to your Seoul memories.

Successfully Mixing Business and Social Networking

When mixing business and social networking there is a fine balance that needs to be maintained between your marketing and socializing activities. In fact it needs to be recognized that an emphasis should be placed on primarily using social websites for what they were intended.

Effective social network marketing strategies always place people first and use tact and finesse when promoting any business or products. Remember these sites were NOT created for the purpose of commerce but rather they are online communities where folks can comfortably gather in a casual atmosphere.

If conducting business is a focus of yours at any of these online communities here are 3 rules of thumb you’ll want to follow to make your efforts more productive.

Offer Value

Social websites are based upon building relationships with the people you communicate with for the purpose of sharing common interests or friendships. With that being said these types of bonds develop and grow since everybody is able and willing to contribute in a manner that is of value to the others. In fact the is the very basis upon which relationships like these are built.

Therefore if your intent is for business purposes on these sites, you must first gain the trust and friendship of others. This is done by contributing value to them without any expectations of receiving anything in return!

Offer Your Endorsement

After trust is earned by you, people now have a certain level of comfort in what you say or do. This is something you can use to your advantage but must not be abused since it can be very difficult to regain any trust you may have lost.

Effective social networking marketing uses tactics that make use of relationships that have been forged without taking advantage of others. One very effective tactic in particular is personally endorsing what it is you may be promoting. Of course this means standing firmly behind any claims made, therefore you want to be absolutely sure you know your product(s) and what they can do.

Remember you are now selling to ‘friends’ and you do not want to compromise these friendship, do you?

Offer Visual/Audio Aids

People are blessed with the sense of touch, taste, smell, sound and vision and it is these senses that help us increase our comfort levels with our surroundings. Online our use of these senses is limited to our visual and audio senses, at least as of this time anyway. To help others gain a level of confidence in anything you offer, it is always an asset to your promotional process to supply visual or audio aids and/or support whenever available or applicable. This not only puts more confidence in others about you as their friend, but it also helps them to make any purchasing decisions. You always want to make the people you ‘work’ with at any of the online communities as comfortable as possible for the sake of repeat business and referrals!

Intermingling business and social networking can be done successfully if the recognition is made that developing and nurturing interpersonal relationship always comes first! Remember you are a ‘guest’ when you conduct business at any of these online communities and that these people are not in fact visiting your place of commerce. Realizing this changes everything in how you approach your promotional activities. Effective social network marketing tactics always place people first while presenting non-aggressive promotional techniques in a tactful manner. The 3 rules of thumb offered above serve as behavioral guidelines for any person using social websites to promote their business. Any promotional efforts should come only after you have been accepted into any of these online communities and should be conducted in a reassuring and forthcoming manner as explained above. In this way you stand to gain the best results!